October 24, 202114 Days
Gun Rentals Available
U$ 22000per hunter

Leopard Hunting

  • Total cost of the hunt if Leopard and including the trophy animals mentioned is shot is $22,000
  • If Leopard is not shot the total daily rates are to be paid. Total of $ 18,000
  • 14 days minimum
  • One Hunter: One PH ONLY (a companion will be allowed to accompany the hunting party, but will not part take in the actual Leopard hunt
  • Daily rate of $1285 per day
  • Total daily rates $18,000
  • Leopard Trophy Fee $4,000
  • Pre-Baiting is included in the total price
  • Additional days can be added beforehand, extra costs will apply.
  • Additional animals are available for hunting after the package animals has been hunted. Refer to price list.
  • Any package animals not taken, will be fully refunded

Animals included in this hunt

  • 1 trophy Leopard
  • 1 trophy Oryx
  • 1 trophy Zebra
  • 1 trophy Springbuck

Package Requirements:

This package requires a minimum of 14 Hunting days, 1 Travel day from the International Airport and 1 Travel day to the International Airport. 16 days in Namibia in total.

The Hunt

The preferred Leopard caliber and bullet: Leopard are thin skinned animals with a very sensitive or highly refined nervous system. In other words, you could effectively kill a leopard regardless of its age and size with a hard knock from a medium size caliber for example .30 calibers. A good and suitably heavy bullet, fairly fast, and relatively soft for quick expansion. This will cause the bullet to give off all its energy to the intended target causing it to collapse on the spot.

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