About Namibia

Namibia is one of the most scarcely populated countries in the world.!
The towns are mostly small and widely scattered in a fairly big country. This is a land of contrast. With diverse’ ecosystems, changing from lush marshland to barren desert landscapes, harboring a unique variety of animal life and the relaxed and friendly way of life of Namibians.

The official language is English but German and Afrikaans are widely spoken and understood. Namibia has 15 ethnic groups with some 27 languages and dialects being spoken.

Namibia’s winter start around the month of May to August. Summer starts around the months of October until April. The rainy season starts November and ends March/April.

Namibia is a country with a success story worth looking at: Trophy Hunting and Hunting in general is the tool we as Namibians use for conservation. Around the 1970’s Trophy Hunting was introduced in Namibia. Wildlife numbers has sins doubled, due to the fact that Trophy Hunting gave our wildlife such a high value as individual animals and as a whole species. Nothing in this world means anything without value. This was the boost that our tourism sector needed for the Trophy Hunting industry to grow. Another reason for this success story is the amount of jobs that were created through the process, specialized jobs that one could earn enough to support one’s families. A huge number of local people and communities are directly dependent on the Trophy Hunting industry, they all profit from Trophy Hunting in one way or another.

This does not mean that we as Trophy Hunters simply shoot whatever we see in the sights of our rifles. Through a well-regulated, selective and ethical hunting system, we created the best possible conservation structure for our wildlife numbers to be able to grow. Through this example we gave our wildlife value that cannot be compared. It is sometimes difficult for someone that has not been educated and given the right facts to understand that one can save a species of animals by implementing selective and ethical Trophy Hunting. Without trophy hunting our wildlife numbers will once again plummet, we would have irreversible damage and we will have lost the joule we so eagerly worked for and protected for so long.

Non-hunters and non-hunting organizations do not always understand this. And because of this it’s our duty as true hunters to educate the people who criticize trophy hunting and who do not understand the reason why we hunt.

This is our success story, setting the standard for others and leading the way. We created this and we are proud Namibians, proud of what we’ve achieved through Trophy Hunting in Namibia.

Namibia is one of the most scarcely populated countries in the world

The towns are mostly small and widely scattered in a fairly big country.

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